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Chris Collins

            Representing homeowners and future homeowners in Arizona, Chris is committed in listening to the needs of his clients and helping them by utilizing his skills to ensure a successful a negotiation. Chris has spent most of his time in the past years in marketing classes while consulting other top real estate professionals. Within this time, he’s successfully completed different transactions while working with buyers, sellers, and top investors.

Chris is a native of AZ which has granted him extensive knowledge of his local market as he runs the entire north Phoenix area from Scottsdale to Peoria. Within the past 15 years, Chris has been a top producing agent who has been highly regarded by his clients and other professionals in the field.

Honesty, integrity, all combined with determination and dedication, are philosophies that Chris strives for in all aspects of life and his career. With the use of these principles to his business, this has given him the ability to be among the top leading real estate agents in the past 15 years.

Chris has a way of directly impacting the lives of his clients by providing financial success and while creating smooth transactions and negotiations with the use of refined management in buying, selling and, top negotiation skills.

He’s a family man and loves hiking, and other outdoor activities including off-roading and mountain biking.

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